Quarterback Ken Stabler was cast in the rare role of spectator today as his Oakland Raiders beat the Dallas Cowboys, 20-13, in the annual Hall of Fame exhibition football game at Fawcett Stadium.

Stabler is still feuding with Al Davis, the Raiders' managing general partner, to the extent that he has not yet talked to him since reporting late to training camp.

Stabler, who has asked to be traded, wouldn't say what clubs his agent has been talking to recently.

"I have made a promise to Tom Flores (the Raiders' new head coach) that I will not discuss that with anyone but him."

Davis told reporters today that Stabler will start for the Raiders next week against the Rams in an exhibition in Los Angeles.

That was relayed to Stabler, who was asked if he would be ready.

"That's what we'll find out, won't we?" he said.

Davis declined to elaborate on his differences with Stabler.

"I don't want to get into personalities," Davis said. "I just want him to be the premium quarterback he is supposed to be."

Davis criticized Stabler for being out of condition and for not performing like a quarterback with a $342,000 salary after the Raiders finished with a 9-7 record in 1978. Stabler responded in a Sport magazine article, mentioning that he "would like to bury the hatchet between Davis' shoulder blades."

That article broke Stabler's silence to the media. He explained the silence by saying he did not want to criticize his teammates in public, but the magazine author's questions led him into doing just that.

A spokesman for the Raiders said Stabler's attitude and the absence of tight end Dave Casper because of a salary squabble have put tough pressure on Flores as a new head coach.

Casper has been reported as having personal financial problems and saying the Raiders do not appreciate what he has done in the past enough to help him. He has remained at home though he is under a contract that has two years to run.

Oakland went 79 yards to score in the first quarter, on a one-yard plunge by running back Arthur Whittington. He rushed for 43 yards and Terry Robiske for 32 during the game.

Humm connected on six of 12 passes for 69 yards and Plunkett on four of nine for 48. Roger Staubach, who played only the first quarter for the Cowboys was off target.

The Raiders scored a second touchdown when Charles Philyaw blocked a field goal attempt by Rafael Septien and rookie cornerback Henry Williams from San Diego State recovered the ball and ran 63 yards for a touchdown. Errol Mann accounted for Oakland's other eight points with field goals of 27 and 32 yards and two extra points.

Staubach did hit a couple big passes as the Cowboys went 66 yards to score on 13 plays in the second quarter. Staubach dived for the score.

Danny White quaterbacked the Cowboys to their second touchdown, after a 56-yard push in the fourth quarter. Rookie running back Ron Springs from Ohio State, a sprightly performer occasionally, plunged the final yard.