Fernando Canales won the men's 100-meter free-style final at the Spartakiade Games today with a time of 51.81 seconds, but was miffed that the Puerto Rican anthem was not played when he received his gold medal.

Canales, who won the silver medal with a time of 51.25 at the Pan American Games earlier this month, was slow away at the gun, but put in a fast final 50 meters to beat out Soviet swimmers Sergei Kopliakov, second in 51.87, and Sergei Krasiuk, third in 52.27.

When the Puerto Rican flag was hoisted during the medals ceremony afterwards and the 19-year-old University of Michigan student turned to his right with his hand on his heart, he heard three blasts of the Spartakiade fanfare instead of the Puerto Rican anthem.

In the other finals of the day, Vladimir Dolgov of the Soviet Union won the men's 200-meter backstroke in 2:05.43 and Robertas Zhulpa took the men's 200-meter breeststroke in a Soviet national record time of 2:17.59, the third fastest in history.

Olga Klevakin also set a Soviet record when she won the women's 400-meter individual medley in 4:55.88.

Soviet weightlifter Yurik Vardanian set world records of 386 3/4 pounds in the snatch, 473 3/4 pounds in the jerk and 859 3/4 pounds in the combined total in the 180-pound class at Leningrad.