Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn would support the Baltimore Orioles' playing some games in Washington next year if Edward Bennett Williams wanted to do so when he takes control of the club this fall.

Asked by Associated Press Radio in Chicago Wednesday if he would like to see the Orioles play some games in Washington, Kuhn said:

"I have taken a position on it for years. I've always felt the best solution to the situation that existed there was to see the Baltimore club take over the entire territory and make it its own by playing games in Washington on some basis that might make some sense.

"I think it would be good for the Baltimore club. I think it would be good for the Baltimore fans and I think it would be good for the people in Washington. So, I very much support that idea."

Kuhn was not asked and did not elaborate on what "some" games might mean - a handful, the 13 that the Orioles presently are permitted to play away from Memorial Stadium, or half the home schedule.

Kuhn also was asked if he thought Williams would move the Orioles to Washington's RFK Stadium in the near future.

"I don't think this is any time to speculate on that possibility," Kuhn said. "I think you've got to wait and see exactly what position Ed Williams is going to take.

"I'd be very surprised if Ed took a position along that line. He said he was going to stay in Baltimore as long as he is getting - and I forget what adjective he used - the proper support in Baltimroe and I think you've got to take that at face value."

A spokesman for Kuhn said yesterday that his remarks about Baltimore's claiming territory over Washington did not constitute a reversal of his previous position that Washington deserved its own major league team.

Because Baltimore holds American League territorial rights over Washington and the Orioles consistently had rejected suggestions that they play some games at RFK, Kuhn has campaigned extensively for a National League club for Washington.

But Kuhn likes the idea of Baltimore playing games in Washington, the spokesman said. However, he would not force the Orioles to do so if they did not want to.

"If Baltimore does not entertain the idea," the spokesman said, "then he would look at other plans (for Washington), like a National League team." CAPTION: Picture, Baltimore's Kiko Garcia loses the race to third base with also lost argument with umpire Jim Evans, Milwaukee's Sal Bando. Oriole shortstop and was ejected from game.AP