British sensation Sebastian Coe ran away from the pack at the 800-meter mark and set his third world record in six weeks today, 3:32.1 in the 1,500 meters.

Running in an international track and field meet, Coe cut a tenth of a second off the 5-year-old mark of Tanzanian Filbert Bayi, set in New Zealand.

The 22-year-old Briton, world record holder in the 800 meters and one mile, was clocked electronically at 3:32.03 but the International Track and Field Federation figures world marks over 400 meters only to tenths of a second.

American Craig Masbach was second, 40 meters back, in 3:37 and Steve Foley of Australia third in 3:37.34.

Renaldo Nehemiah of the University of Maryland finished second in the 110-meter men's hurdles. Dedy Cooper of the U.S. won in 13.52.

Coe clocked a world record 1:42.4 in the 800 meters July 5 in Oslo, slicing a second from Cuban Alberto Juantorena's old mark. Just 12 days later in the same stadium, the slim Briton clocked 3:49.0 for a world record in the mile, four tenths of a second better than New Zealander John Walker's old mark.

After today's meet, attended by a sellout crowd of 26,000, Coe took two victory laps, then was engulfed by members of the media and his trainer-father, Peter Coe.

"Great, fantastic," young Coe said several times while raising his arms as his father kept waving away the newsmen.

Coe had announced that he would seek the world record in this race and had been preparing for it at the Swiss training center for elite athletes in Magglingen for one week.

Kenyan Kipsubay Koskei led Coe to a first lap in 54.25 seconds but Coe said he didn't use him as a rabbit.

"The general idea was that everybody chipped in a bit. First it was Koskei, afterwards Mike Boit helped and then I got assistance from others," Coe said.

At 800 meters, Coe surged away from the pack and, with the rhythmic drumming of the crowd in his ears, stretched out for the tape.