Steve Rosenbloom, executive vice president of the Los Angeles Rams, was fired today by his stepmother.

Rosenbloom, whose father, Carroll, owned the Rams until he drowned last April 2, was fired by Georgia Rosenbloom, the new owner of the team.

He will be replaced by Don Klosterman, who served as vice president and general manager under both owners.

A statement issued by the Rams said "basic differences in philosophies" led to the firing. Steve Rosenbloom had been vice president in charge of day to day operations for the past year.

"Georgia will continue to administer the entire Rams' organization following the wishes and dictates of her late husband, Carroll Rosenbloom," the statement said. "All of their philosophies and policies will continue as a part of Carroll's legacy."

There reportedly has been much tension at the top levels of the team since Georgia Rosenbloom took over as owner following her husband's death. Steve, Carroll's son by a former marriage, had been heavily involved in running the team while his father was alive.

Klosterman served as vice president and general manager under both owners, but his powers were diluted when Director of Player Personnel Dick Steinberg was given the major say in the Rams' drafting and trade moves.

Georgia, 42, became the Rams' master majority owner (70 percent), after her husband's death. Steve, 34, inherited just 6 percent of the team -- the same as four other Rosenbloom children -- despite his active role in running the club in recent years.