Edward Bennett Williams said last night he would like to have a new stadium for the Baltimore Orioles, the baseball team that he will become owner of this fall, but sidestepped questions on possible location or financing.

In an interview taped last week for airing last night on Baltimore's WMAR-TV-2, Williams again ducked questions about the Orioles possibly playing up to 13 games in Washington next year and what he considered "support" of the team.

Williams has said, and repeated on the broadcast, the team would stay in Baltimore as long as the city supports it.

Williams said he hopes to meet soon with Prince George's County Executive Lawrence J. Hogan to discuss the latter's proposal to locate a new domed stadium in Laurel off Rte. I-95. While Hogan has said he likes the concept of such a stadium, he has made no commitments.

"I had the same dream that I guess everybody in sports had," Williams said. "I have a dream of a magnificent stadium, just for baseball, just for the Baltimore Orioles . . . not for football, not configured for football, but just a magnificent baseball stadium with parking for 15,000 and maybe seating for 42,000 people -- which would be perfect for the Baltimore Orioles.

"I have that dream in my head and it's not going to go away until I try to execute on it . . ."

Referring to a letter Hogan wrote him, Williams said "(Hogan) would like to have a magnificent domed stadium and that would be great, it would be marvelous if you could get it. I don't like to rely on the public sector to do things for me. I like to do things by myself. I believe in the free-enterprise system and I haven't asked the city of Baltimore to subsidize me in this venture.

"I think I can do it alone and I think I can do it well and I think that if the dream I have for the Baltimore Orioles comes to pass, it would come to pass by people like myself who believe in the free-enterprise system and who believe in the private sector and I think we can make it work.

"We (Hogan and Williams) have not talked extensively about whether his county government would do this or that. I'm not looking for a handout. I want to make this work on my own if I can and I have great confidence that I can with the help of the people of Baltimore and I know they're going to help me on this."

Remarking that Prince George's County appeared to be "Washington oriented," television host Ted Patterson asked Williams about possible sites. Williams replied, "I haven't even gotten there yet, but I think about the future and success of a team called the Baltimore Orioles."

"Not the Maryland Orioles?" Patterson asked.

"The Baltimore Orioles . . . I have confidence the city of Baltimore will feel just the way I do about that," Williams answered.