Kevin Grevey, still an NBA free agent, said yesterday he now is leaning with the Washington Bullets, but will listen to offers from four other teams before making his final decision.

Only two weeks remain before the Bullet training camp opens. Grevey has had an offer in hand from the Bullets since July, showing a substantial raise over the $160,000 he earned last season.

The other teams interested in the 6-foot-5 Grevey are the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Salt Lake City Jazz and the Detroit Pistons. Grevey said yesterday that his first choice has always been "to stay with the Bullets."

The Bullets and their front-office staff all are out of the country on a basketball tour and will not return to Washington until Sunday.

"I really haven't decided anything yet," Grevey said yesterday from his parents' home in Hamilton, Ohio. "Of course, I can't really do anything until after the Bullets get back.

"The thing is, though, that I do want to stay in Washington. There is no reason I would want to leave, but I do owe it to myself to see what my true value is. I didn't play out my option and become a