Darn, we're a day late in wishing Billy Kilmer happy 40th birthday! But, speaking of sports California style, here's Dr. J. DeWitt Fox, medical director of the Neurosurgery Center in L.A., gathering backers to buy the Redskins from Jack Kent Cooke and EBW and saying, "I would hope that by September of 1980 the Redskins will be in Los Angeles.

"I formerly lived in D.C. and fell in love with the Redskins," Fox said. "I would love to get them out here. It would be a natural with George Allen out here already. I don't know whether he'd come back to coach, but it's an exciting thought."

So Fox dreams on about rounding up "about a dozen people in a syndicate with two or three major investors" and offering (pause) "about $11 million."

Fizzle, fizzle. Next case . . .

Frank Kush, taskmasterish coach beginning his 22nd season at Arizona State, begins it under the clous of a $1.1 million damage complaint on behalf of 1978 Sun Devil punter Kevin Rutledge. The youngster, who transferred to Nevada-Las Vegas this fall after two ASU years, charges Kush "harassed" him into quitting the team.

Kush responds to presentation of the demand to the Arizona Board of Regents with, "Kevin failed to show up for numerous practices, meetings, refused direction of his coaches, and had to be reprimanded on numerous occasions. His attitude and actions were disruptive to the team."

Bobby Riggs, at 61 still winning national tennis championships of one sort or another, was stung severely on the lips by a bee during a promotional match at the U.S. Open site in New York yesterday and could have died, according to Dr. Daniel Manfredi, chief surgeon at the National Tennis Center, if he and fellow medics hadn't been quickly on the spot with adrenaline and antihistamines; Riggs had gone that deeply into shock.