The long-standing feud between crosstown rivals Georgetown and Catholic universities has surfaced again, with David Blue, CU's top basketball recruit, enrolling instead at Georgetown.

Blue, who originally signed with Catholic last season, was a 29-point scorer as a senior at Prospect Hall in Frederick. The 6-foot-7, 180-pounder signed with Georgetown Aug. 17.

CU Coach and Athletic Director Jack Kvancz and Georgetown Coach John Thompson agree that the Hoyas broke no NCAA regulations in Blue's decision to switch schools.

Catholic is not covered under the national letter of intent, so Georgetown could sign Blue without the player getting his release from CU. That would not have made a difference, Kvancz said, because he would not keep a youngster against his wishes.

Despite averaging 29 points and 15 rebounds as a senior, Blue was not heavily recruited by the nation's major schools, partly because he played against weak competition but mainly because he needs more muscle to compete at the Top 20 level.

But for CU, he was the school's No. 1 prospect. Kvancz said he even stopped recruiting forwards the day he signed Blue.

"We signed him and we had him," Kvancz lamented yesterday. "Then, after the summer, he signs with Georgetown. I don't want the thing to get blown out of proportion, but anything I say will be construed as sour grapes. I've already lost the kid. It's a no-win situation . . .

"John didn't do anything wrong. I'm just sick over the fact that I had a 6-7 player who I thought was going to Catholic; I had him and all of a sudden I lose him to a crosstown school.It hurts."

Blue changed his mind after playing on Georgetown's team (1789) in the Urban Coalition League.

The signing also came shortly after Georgetown lost its No. 1 freshman forward recruit, Barry Scott of Dunbar High in Baltimore.Scott decided to attend junior college in California, but already has dropped out of that school and reportedly has returned to Baltimore.

Scott's decision had "very little" to do with his decision to sign Blue, Thompson said. "I've still got another scholarship to give," he added.

Blue played well in the Urban Coalition League when he faced top-notch competition for the first time. He averaged about 10 points and five rebounds playing 15 minutes per game.

"I don't think he did anything in the Urban Coalition League he didn't do in high school," Thompson said. "David's really no stranger to this program. He went to our camp and his team played some games here last season.

"David's biggest thing and the reason why we didn't put a lot of emphasis on recruiting him in the beginning is a time factor, when he will be able to strengthen himself and when he will be able to play here."

Thompson said that Pat McDonough, Blue's high school coach, was an assistant coach under Thompson at St. Anthony's High School here. He comes from the family for which Georgetown's McDonough Arena is named.

Blue could not be reached for comment last night.

But, in Frederick, his father, Thomas Blue, said, "He had decided he didn't want to go to Catholic for half a dozen reasons. He was playing on Georgetown's Urban Coalition team. They said they were interested.

"When Coach Kvancz asked me why (his son switched schools), I could not give him any specifics. They were small things . . . He visited (CU) during exams. It was not orientation; it was not a normal situation. Maybe he had some of the freshman jitters.

"It was nothing major that you could put your finger on . . . He decided to enroll elsewhere, rather than losing a year's eligibility making sure it (CU) wasn't for him."

In another Georgetown development, Thompson said 6-foot-11 center Mike Frazier had re-enrolled. Frazier, who along with Al Dutch, left school "for personal reasons" a year ago, also had foot problems and played little his first two years on the Hilltop. Dutch also returned this year.