The Soviet Union continued to dominate the World University Games as the Americans were shut out in the diving competition that concluded tonight and won only one medal in four track-and-field finals.

Rosalyn Bryant of Los Angeles won that medal, a silver in the women's 400 meters. That gives the United State 15 gold and 42 medals overall, within one medal of the Americans' best previous total.

But Soviet victories by Vladimir Aleinik in the men's 10-meter platform diving and by Andrei Prokofiev in a 13.50 110-meter hurdle final and Maria Koultchounova in a Games record 51.35 in the women's 400 gave them 29 gold and 63 medals overall.

The Soviets won the previous University Games in Bulgaria in 1977.

Dedy Cooper of San Jose State finished sixth and Dan Oliver of Ohio State eighth in the high hurdles final.

Wolfgang Schmidt of East Germany won the discus throw in 199-5, 34 feet short of his world record.

Poland's Lycyna Langer won the women'a 100-meter hurdles in a Games record 12.62 seconds. A heavy rain washed out the remainder of today's track-and-field finals.

In women'a basketball the United Staes gained the final with a 68-62 victory over Canada. The opponent will be Cuba, which defeated Bulgaria, 64-63.