Winger Bob Sirois, accompanied by a new agent, quickly settled his difficulties with the Washington Capitals yesterday and accepted a new three-year contract.

"We sat down this morning at 9 and by a quarter to 11 everything was straightened out," Sirois said. "There were four points I was concerned about, and the club agreed to three of them."

Sirois had accused the Capitals several weeks ago of making a favorable offer verbally then reneging on the written contract.He conceded yesterday that the fault lay with his former agent not the club.

"I was mistaken and I want everybody to know that it was not (club negotiator) Peter O'Malley's fault," Sirois said. "My agent told me the club had agreed to certain things then later he admitted that they hadn't.

"I feel bad about the whole thing. Now that all this is straightened away it's going to be easier to play hockey. I like it in Washington. I didn't want to play out my option or go somewhere else."

O'Malley said the Capitals were accelerating their efforts to satisfy four unsigned players -- defensemen Rick Green, Pierre Bouchard, Gord Lane and Pete Scamurra.

"I think we're going to sign them all," O'Malley said. "This is going to be a very good season for the Capitals and we don't want it to start on a discordant note."