CBS and NBC made it official yesterday that while Pope John Paul II celebrates mass on the Mall, Redskins-Eagles and all the 1 p.m. pro football games on tap that Sunday, Oct. 7, will proceed without interruption -- and so will the 4 o'clock doubleheader contests.

With the possibility that the major league baseball playoffs still may be in progress, there could be a further NBC squeeze-out of the pontiff's visit.

Both networks will go with evening or late-night specials summarizing portions of the papal celebration. Meanwhile, ABC, with no conflicting sports programs, will carry the mass live at 3 p.m. EDT.

Is everybody happy?

Baseball playoffs? The paraplegic arrested Sept. 1 because he refused to sit in the section of Memorial Stadium reserved for the handicapped at Oriole games carried out his threat to take the issue to court, and darned if a suit isn't afoot to keep the gates locked unless --

Unless the city moves the handicapped section closer to the playing field where rising fans can't block the view and fixes access problems in restrooms, aisles and parking lots. Disabled in Action of Baltimore is the group saying it will seek a court order this week seeking to stop the playoffs unless there are some changes made. The parks commissioner has agreed to move the handicapped section, but not before the playoffs...