Reggie Jackson versus Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner . . . Ted Sizemore versus Don Zimmer . . . and, feudin' and fussin' in the sports universe, who else is new?

Bobby Beathard versus Ken Beatrice, that's who!

Here was the Redskin general manager, aglow after the shutout of the Giants, heading home when over the radio came the inimitable tones of WMAL's Sports Call conductor downgrading, downgrading the home team and its two-game winning streak. Beathard struck back yesterday during a visit to the Touchdown Club, for its annual luncheon honoring Redskin new faces, a bumper crop this year assembled by himself.

"If he knew as much as he says he does we'd all be in trouble," said the GM, marveling at the radio man's professed omniscience as a talent scout when "he never comes out to see us."

"Maybe Beatrice Thinks Neal Olkiewicz is still too small to play in the league?" the stung Beathard zinged in elation at the development of the former Maryland linebacker. "Big hearts are going to pull us through while we grow into champions.

"And, if necessary, we'll play Beatrice's tape from (Monday) night -- they wouldn't need anything else to get them up" . . .