Greg (Fly) Robertson, four-time Atlantic Coast Conference hurdles champion who decided to give football a try this fall, has quit the Maryland team.

Robertson, a fifth-year senior, said today he left the team last Monday when Coach Jerry Claiborne told him he was being dropped to the JV squad.

"I couldn't handle it anymore," said Robertson, reached at his dormitory in College Park. "I wasn't going to make the trip this week and they told me I was going to the JVs. I didn't want any part of that. If I couldn't play with the big boys, I didn't want to play."

Robertson, an all-state high school football player in Indiana, came out for the team as a wide receiver and a kick returner. He returned a punt 73 yards for a touchdown in a scrimmage but was never used in that role in a game. He was in for one play as a wide receiver against Villanova and three plays in the final minute against Mississippi State.

"He (Claiborne) told me I wasn't concentrating enough," Robertson said. "I have better things to do with my time than play on the JV. I was trying to stick it out. I thought they'd give me some action but I didn't even get a chance to get in the games.

Robertson became upset in the preseason when Claiborne said, "Fly is a long way from being a college football player."

"I'm not bitter," Robertson said today." There's no sense being a piece of matter, taking up space."