Former Redskin Coach George Allen offered to be the football coach and athletic director at the University of Illinois before Neale Stoner of California State at Fullerton was appointed, it was learned here.

The athletic director's job became vacant when Cecil Coleman was dismissed. Football Coach Gary Moeller has a year remaining on his contract. A source on the screening committee reported that the school sought Terry Brennan for the directorship, but the investment broker and former Notre Dame football coach was unavailable.

Allen collects $200,000 a year from the Los Angeles Rams, who fired him before the start of last season. Payments on that contract will run through 1980.

The Illinois directorship is said to pay $47,000. Whatever money Allen might have made there would have been deducted from the Ram payments.

Coach John McKay of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be trying to defense one of his former Southern California quarterbacks for the second straight week. Last Sunday, Pat Haden of the Los Angeles Rams could not produce a touchdown. Vince Evans of the Bears will be trying to end Tampa's unbeaten streak at four games.

Evans has a 50-percent pass-completion average. Doug Williams of the Bucs is at 34 percent. The duel between two black quarterbacks marks a first for the National Football League.

The last time the Bears and Buccaneers played, last November, Chicago won, 14-3, and the Tampa Bay quarterback was sacked eight times. That quarterback was Mike Rae, another USC product, now the backup for Williams.

Would you believe that Tampa Bay tops Chicago by six yards for the rushing lead in the National Conference? Rookie Buc running back Jerry Eckwood of Arkansas has run for 332 yards and Ricky Bell for 253. Walter Payton of the Bears tops them with 484.

The Bears have lost their fourth fullback to an injury. Jack Deloplaine, the former Pittsburgh Steeler, will start with halfback Payton.

The NFL has no request from Baltimore owner Bob Irsay to shift the Colt franchise, although there is a one-day meeting in Dallas Oct 31 to work on the 1980 preseason schedule and "routine matters."

Also, there is nothing on the agenda about a change in the administration of the Redskins, from Edward Bennett Williams to Jack Kent Cooke, although Williams is scheduled to formally accept ownership of the Baltimore Orioles baseball franchise the next day.

Irsay might have irritated Bert Jones last week when he went into the Colt dressing room and asked the injured quarterback, "When are you going to be ready?" Jones said, "When I'm ready." Colt insiders say backup Greg Landry has not hurt them.

The Oakland Raiders offensive line is so decimated by injuries that quarterback Ken Stabler was hit on almost every play by Kansas City last week.

Joe Pisarcik of the New York Giants, who had been sacked 17 times in three games before sitting one out, was asked if he had ever considered being a boxer. "No," he said, "But I probably would get hit fewer times."

Steve Fuller of Clemson has impressed Kansas City with his running as a quarterback but has thrown some passes end over end, a la Joe Kapp and Bill Kilmer.

Larry Holmes says he doesn't know whether Ed (Too Tall) Jones, 6-feet-9, can fight yet, but says he must want to after dropping his weight from 279 to 230. "There is no way I'll fight Jones," Holmes joked. "They can take my title or get me a ladder."

San Francisco is rebuilding with a carpenter, Scott Hilton, who was earning $7.50 an hour before being signed as a free agent. The linebacker did not attend college, though he was recruited. He preferred to make money in his brother's carpentry shop. He tried out twice with the Philadelphia Eagles.