Richard Montgomery is trailing, 16-14, with one second left to play in the Maryland State Class A title game. The Rockets have the football at their opponent's 43-yard line and have one timeout remaining.

Out trots the field goal team. Don Geisler sets up a midfield and boots a 60-yard goal to win the game.

Impossible? Perhaps. But the 5-foot-11, 195-pound senior is positive he could make a 60-yard attempt if called upon.

"I'd love to try it. If the opportunity presented itself, I hope the coach would let me," said Geisler, who has booted five of six field-goal tries this season, the longest one 55 yards to set a Maryland state record.

"I haven't won a game with my kicking yet, but I'm looking forward to it," Geisler said.

Perhaps Richard Montgomery's 9-6 triumph over Magruder Saturday was not dramatic enough for Geisler. The senior hit field goals from 45, 53 and 39 yards, the last two in the final quarter, to help his team win its third game in four outings and send 20th-ranked Magruder to its first defeat.

"So far, it hasn't been that hard," said Geisler, a soccer-style kicker whose one miss, from 24 yards, was blocked.

"I know I'm accurate up to 40-50 yards. I can make all of them. It's early in the year, so maybe I haven't had the chance to feel any pressure yet."

Rocket Coach Alan Avery said, "He kicked one 65 yards in practice one day, so I think I would let him try one from that far away. I just wouldn't want to put that kind of pressure on him in a close game.

"He defintely adds a lot to our offense. We know we can count on three when we get in an opponent's territory," Avery said. "Don's a pro - His kicking is for real."

The Rockets, 1-9 and 4-6 the past two seasons also appear to be real this year. Geisler, who also plays linebacker and handles the punting duties (50-yard average), has teamed with linebacker Glen Stamets to turn a once-generous Rocket defense into a highly respectable one.

"We've been around awhile. We have about 25 seniors on the team and I think we're about ready to play up to our potential," said Geisler. "We're a much, much better team this year."

An agressive tackler, Geisler is one of the team's leaders in first hits. He has two interceptions and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. That six-pointer, in addition to his five field goals and seven points-after, give him 28 points, third-highest in Montgomery County.

The 16-year-old senior began kicking as a soccer player in the Montgomery County recreation league seven years ago.

"I just did it for fun, just a hobby," Geisler said. "But when I got to high school, I left soccer for football. I like the game much better. Plus I can still kick."

As a sophomore, Geisler kicked three field goals, the longest 45 yards. The following year, he made five, the longest 47. This year, Avery will allow his kicker to try whenever the situation warrants.

"We spend an hour a day on kicking now," said Avery. "The first couple of years, we lost a few games because of poor play by our specical teams. Now, the extra time is paying off.

"Of course, Don has a lot to do with that. He's a hard worker."

Geisler gives much of the credit to his holder, John Mate, who currently has injured ribs, and his replacement, Kevin Spain.

"Both are good holders and get the ball down pretty good," said Geisler. "Anyway, I just keep my eyes on the ball and kick."

Geisler will also keep an eye on the scoreboard and the clock for the remainder of this season.

"I can envision winning the game with a long one sometime this year," he said. "Maybe a 60-yarder."

Other field-goal kickers were busy over the weekend. David Rib's 18-yard boot lifted Bethesda-Chevy Chase over Gaithersburg, 3-0, in overtime; Steve Hogan's 24-yarder got Peary past Rockville, 3-0, and Scott Rector's 23-yard kick accounted for the margin of victory for No. 1-ranked West Springfield in a 17-14 squeaker over Chantilly.