Wayne Stephenson and Gary Iness, two goaltenders with tender memories of splinters collected on the Philadelphia bench, will guard the Washington Capital nets against the Flyers in an exhibition tonight at Portland, Me.

The Capitals are 5-1-1 in preseason play but only one victory, over the New York Rangers, was posted against a legitimate contender. Tonight's game will give General Manager Max McNab a better evaluation of personnel, with 27 players still contending for 19 jobs.

Among the borderline candidates who will be trying to impress McNab tonight are defensemen Pete Scamurra, Jack Lynch, Yvon Labre and Gord Lane; left wings Paul Mulvey and Gary Rissling, and right wings Mark Lofthouse and Tim Coulis.

The pins were removed from left wing Antero Lehtonen's broken finger yesterday and he is expected to make his first appearance in a Washington uniform Saturday night at Capital Centre, in an exhibition against the Hartford Whalers.

Right wing Tom Rowe has left the club temporarily because of the illness of his mother. Forward Bengt-Ake Gustafsson has been idled by a painful cut on his nose, defenseman Paul MacKinnon is still nursing a bruised right wrist and left wing Bob Girard has a groin pull.