The family home is still in Reston, although he now works in Cleveland.

He says he wasted two years in Washington.

Calvin Hill will not discuss the most compelling reason why he retired during the 1978 Redskin training camp. His friends say it rankled him that he played hard, practiced injured, yet always found himself behind Mike Thomas, who many considered a malingerer.

"Probably," said Hill in response to the Thomas question, "the best thing to say is nothing. I wanted to play."

He is a big halfback, 6 feet 4 and 227 pounds. Dallas, which drafted him No. 1 out of Yale in 1969, built an offence around him. a superb pass receiver, he was in spot situations by George Allen here in 1976 and 1977. If he made a good play, he still went back to the bench.

Finally, he walked out of training camp last season. He studied offers -- from Cleveland, Los Angeles and the New York Giants. He chose the Browns.

"Cleveland could use me right away," he said. "I was intrigued with the possibility of playing in this conference (the AFC)," he said.

sunday, unless the Browns are exaggerating Greg Pruitt's knee injury, Hill will start against the Redskins in a game that will be vital to a pair of 4-2 teams blow out defensively last Sunday.

In a telephone interview, Hill recalled his Washington experience -- good and bad.

"I wanted to play more. I didn't think i was going to. That's why i left," he said.

"Perhaps it was not a good decision for me to come to Washington . . . From a career standpoint, it wasn't. My career went down from that.

"I thought I would play and then, too, Washington's close to home. i'm from Baltimore. Certainly it was no fun not playing. That's for sure.

"When i think about my Washington experience and my ability to perform, that was a big disappointment. But the people i met, the balances things out. I wish I could get those years back.but you cant look back,"

So he looks ahead to a somewhat young Cleveland team on which he is a leader and elder statesman. The Browns, who have struggled in recent years, won their first four games this season, including a decisive triumph over the Dallas Cowboys.

He also sees a community ready to go bananas over the team, as Washington did over the Redskins under Allen.

"This reminds me of Washington," Hill said, "when Washington first started winning -- the potential."

The Browns suffered jarring setbacks the past two weeks, against AFC Central foes 'Houston and Pittsburgh.

"I'm not running as much as I'd like to be," said Hill, not complaining. haven't had a chance to do that much running. Greg got hurt against Dallas, and since he got hurt I've been playing more.

"We were down 17-0 to Houston and 27-0 or whatever it was against the Steelers, and weve been doing a lot of passing. we really hurt ourselves offensively and definsively, fumbles and things like that. It's hard to play catch-up."

The Steeler game is a case in point. Cleveland was 27 points behind after the first minute of the second quarter The four Pittsburgh touchdown "drives" totaled 13 plays, two drives following fumble recoveries. on another, when a Brown lineman tried to jump back onside, Franco Harris burst through the opening for a 71-yard touchdown run.

So, the Browns have had to throw, and Brain Sipe has done this well, considering defences have known his intentions. He tossed five touchdown passes in the 51-35 loss to the Steelers and has thrown for 13 touchdowns this season; he also has had 12 passes intercepted.

What happened to the Browns defensively was basically the same thing that happened to the Redskins in a 28-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Steelers used their physical strength and the Browns' overaggressive in pursuit for cutback runs to set a team rushing record.

This week, however, the Browns are expected to have veteran middle line-backer Dick Ambrose back in action. His replacement, Robert L. Jackson, a No. 1 draft choice in 1977 who missed that season with injury, was one of the chief culprits of overpursuits. End Lyle Alzado returned for the Steeler game after a knee injury.

Hill suffered a dislocated shoulder against the Steelers, but it popped back in place almost immediately. He is sore but will play. "I've played with things a lot worse than that."

His wife Janet, an administrative aide in the office of the secretary of the army, usually travels to Cleveland to see her husband play. But the rising air fare, Hill said, is making these trips impractical.

"Round trip's $126 now," Hill said. "It's gone up 20 percent in the last year. For two days, you've got to be Rockefeller to spend that kind of money."

Because of tight end Jean Fugett's knee injury, Phil Dubois was resigned yesterday and wide receiver Chris Defrance put on waivers for the second time in three weeks Fugett was the only player not on the field yesterday. He has a severely bruised right knee and Pardee said, "It doesn't look good right now" for him laying on Sunday . . . Pardee said he excepts all other injured players, including Ricky Thompson, who missed the Eagle game with a hip pointer, to be available.