Redskin Coach Jack Pardee said yesterday he is likely to close practice at least one day this week in order to install more gimmick defense, to overcome what he called "some glaring weaknesses" that became apparent in the team's 28-17 loss to Philadelphia Sunday.

"Theres no position changes or demotions or anything else this week," Pardee said after the light Tuesday practice and one change in reverses -- tight end Phil DuBois recalled, wide receiver Chris DeFrance cut again.

Pardee said he may be forced to close practice because of an agreement between the media and Redskin management that personnel changes can be reported, but that strategy may not.

You see a 34 defense is different personnel, but that's strategy," Pardee said. "There are a lot of things that fit in between."

For instance, in his two seasons here, Pardee has closed practice before only one other game -- this season's opener against the Houston Oilers. In that game, strong safety Ken Houston was used primarily as a linebacker and free safety Mark Murphy covered the tight end. Cleveland tight end Ozzie Newsome leads his team with 23 receptions.

"How do we use what we have best? We have to try and figure it out and I don't want Cleveland to know ahead of time. It leaves a whole bag for anyone swiching positions or assignments -- a safety playing linebacker or vice versa," Pardee said. "It's all strategy using the same players.

"We've been using the 34 all year and we plan on continuing, even developing more use of all the players on the squad. And to us, it's all strategy. To somebody else watching, it could be (personnel) changes. But we're still working with what we have. To us, it's not a (personnel) change." w

Pardee said he expects the Cleveland Browns to use a game plan Sunday similar to the one Philadelphia used so successfully last Sunday. When the Redskins put Houston near the line on first down, the Eagles passed to their tight end; they also ran well straight ahead, with Harold Carmichael blocking Houston.

"We're going to have to do something to counter the game plan the Eagles gave us because we have to assume Cleveland will try it on us, too," Pardee said.

One Redskin official said mere knowledge that the 6-8 Carmichael had been changed from wide receiver to a strong-side wingback would have made a great impact in the Redskins' game preparation.

Pardee said he understood that reporters, as they did when George Allen closed almost every practice, would find out the personnel changes.

"But, " said Pardee, "if you don't see it, it would be speculation. And I don't care what Cleveland speculates, but I don't want them to know what we're doing for sure."