Wednesday's rescheduled first game of the world Series likely will be played at 8:30 p.m. But that won't help those in tonight's crowd of 54,000 irked by Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn's 11th hour postponement decision.

Heavy rains forced Kuhn to postpone the first game until Wednesday, but the decision was not made until 8:32 p.m.. two minutes later than the scheduled start and hours after showers began in Baltimore and the mid-Atlantic region.

Wednesday's National Weather Service forecast has temperatures in the mid-to upper-50s and a 10 percent chance to rain lasting through the evening. But tonight's delay in calling off the contest irked several Memorial Stadium patrons.

"everyone of us ought to write the mayor." complained Louis Jones, General Service Administration employee.

"look at the energy that was wasted by all these people who came here. It's a shame. The game should have been called off at 5:30.

"look at all the trouble these people went to. Even at 5:30 you could swim in the outfield. It was obvious that it would be impossible to play. It's bad management. Bad for baseball."

Others in the crowd on sheltered walkways and winding steps expressed similar sentiments.

Kuhn insisted the decision came at the first feasible moment -- at 8:32 p.m.

At that time, players of the rival teams, who did not take batting practice were shedding excess energy in the locker rooms, playing cards, listening to disco music and watching television.