The Los Angeles Rams are "family," but certainly not in the sense the Pittsburgh Pirates are.

The latest development in the Ram feuding is the report that boss Georgia Rosenbloom is trying to figure out how she can buy out the 6 percent stock owned by stepson Steve, to be rid of his visits to practice and the press box.

Dan Devine of Notre Dame coached in college, then in pro ball, and then college again. Chuck Fairbanks also went the college-pro-college route. Joe Kuharich went college (San Francisco), Redskins, Notre Dame, Philadelphia Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles' photographer came up accidentally with a picture that made one of their players appear as though he had three arms. It was not circulated because the timing would have been bad -- just after Jack Pardee of the Redskins charged the Eagles with holding on nearly every offensive play.

Vince Evans, the Chicago Bears' quarterback, is sidelined with a blood infection that settled near the small of his back when he suffered a bruise there.

The Bears say the Oakland Raiders offered quarterback Ken Stabler to them before the trading deadline, but Chicago was not at all interested in the price -- two No. 1 draft choices.

Monte Clark of the Detroit Lions is not in trouble, despite a 1-6 record, club owner, William Clay Ford recently told him.

On the other hand, Los Angeles reporters say Ram Coach Ray Malavasi is in a sort of "no-win" situation. He will lose his job regardless of whether he has a winning season again -- unless, of course, he makes the Super Bowl. Sources say show biz-oriented Georgia Rosenbloom wants a more glamorous coach, a big name with style.

New York Giant fans, after having seen Phil Simms as a starting quarterback, are willing to put up with some more losses this season because they think it will be worth it to await his development.

General manager Jim Murray of the Eagles says he already has enjoyed a "spiritual Super Bowl." Jim and wife Dianne, a convert to Catholicism, named their fifth child John Paul on Jan. 21, 1979, the date of the last Super Bowl.

The parents bought for the child a T-shirt that was inscribed "John Paul" and took him to the mass celebrated by the pope in Philadelphia. In a million-to-one shot, the pope saw the child held aloft and embraced and blessed him.

The Oilers has a somewhat serious communications problem when tight end Mike Barber declined to talk to Dan Pastorini after charging the quarterback with not throwing to him. Center Carl Mauck got them together before last week's game and once more harmony prevails, at least on the surface.

Dan Devine, who was a bombardier during World War II, was needling sports columnist Joe Doyle of the South Bend Tribune about having been a navigator.

Doyle required, "Well, if I had been a coach at Missouri, I never would have tried to get to Notre Dame by way of Green Bay."

Defensive tackles Joe Erhrmann and Mike Barnes of the Baltimore Colts have a catering service and their trucks show a design of a helmet, knife and fork, and a beer glass.