Jack Willard, supervisor of athletes for Prince George's County, expects to make an "in-house settlement" of the disturbance which broke out during the second half of Friday night's high school football game between Surrattsville and Fairmont Heights at Friendly.

The fight, the second of the week in a Prince George's league contest, forced the game's suspension with Surrattsville awarded a 30-0 victory.

"There was some hard hitting, maybe some frustration,"said Willard, who began looking into the disturbance yesterday. "Maybe the officiating wasn't that good, the coaches might have been too vocal. I'm still investigating.

"We'll handle the situation in house. I'll be talking to all the parties involved and the problem will be discussed at our coaches' meetings."

Willard noted that the earlier disturbance, during High Point's 14-6 win over DuVal, did not force an early end to the contest and that one of the players involved has made a personal apology to him.

The athletic supervisor also said the correct procedure was carried out Friday when a Fairmont player was injured and kept on the field for a period of time.

"We do the best we can with what we have," said Williard. "We do not have a doctor, paramedic, etc., at each game, but we're working at it.

"We try to make contact with the local fire department to tell them about each game, in hopes they can be there. There are police at all games with radios and at the first sign of an injury they are instructed to call for help."

The injured player eventually was administered to by emergency personnel upon their arrival and assisted from the field.