The Los Angeles Kings are seeking a nickname for the Marcel Dionne-Dave Taylor-Charlie Simmer line, which has accumulated 27 goals in eight games. Some of the entries include The Only Line, Lynamite and The Coal Mine.

The Washington Capitals' suggestions, after the trio accounted for all five goals in the King's 5-3 victory Wednesday night, are largely unprintable.

"When you play them on the road, they have the last line change, so you can't play them line for line." said Washington Coach Danny Belisle. "All you can do is go over what you expect from your team, go over the game plan. But what can you do?

"Bob Berry played them about 40 minutes, short-shifting his other lines, and I didn't have the depth to go with them. Losing guys like (Rolf) Edberg and (bob) Sirois hurts. They would make a difference in a game like this.

"But I liked what I saw. The loss hurts, but we're trying to change our style of play from strictly offensive and I think we did it, holding them to 25 shots. And they only scored on one power play out of seven, and then we were two short."

There was no praise for referee Alf LeJeune, who handed the Capitals 11 penalties to the Kings' seven and ignored a blatant foul by Mark Hardy, who hauled down breakaway-bound Robert Picard from behind in the first period.

Antero Lehtonen, the Finn who scored his first NHL goal, asked straight-faced afterward, "Is that man a professional referee?" Assured that LeJeune indeed was a salaried employe of the NHL, Lehtonen said, "I cannot believe that. I thought only in Finland we have referees who are so lousy."

There was no argument with one of LeJeune's calls, however.Gord Lane, who earlier had scored his first goal of the season, lost his stick behind the Washington net and frantically tried to freeze the puck against the back of the goal. Finally, he picked it up and threw it into thee stands, an act of frustration no Forum observer could recall witnessing before.