The Colts' general manager, Dick Szymanski, who may or may not be reading the mind or passing on the hint of owner Bob Irsay, promises Baltimore fans an announcement today or Wednesday day on the team's future, which he says, will please Baltimore fans. . .

Mark Fidrych, testing his long-ailing arm in the Florida instructional league, raised the hopes of Detroit Manager Sparky Anderson on the weekend by throwing as hard as he ever has: 89 mph on the radar gun. The Tiger skipper watched his longshot hope of bolstering the pitching to pursue Orioles, Brewers and Yankees in Al East breeze through two perfect innings versus Texas Ranger prospects (before being chased in by four hits in the ninth and blowing his cool). Then the Bird said, "I was throwing good."

Michigan's winning touchdown on the last play of Saturday's game in Ann Arbor was set up by an illegal play, Indiana Coach Lee Corso officially protested to the Big Ten office yesterday.

Score 21-21, Wolverine fullback Lawrence Reid threw the ball out of bounds at midfield, stopping the clock with six seconds left. That gave Michigan a final shot it converted into a 45-yard touchdown pass to win, 27-21.

Home in Indiana, Corso passed out copies of a rule: "A runner may hand or pass the ball backward at any time, except to throw the ball intentionally out of bounds to conserve time."

Corso said he was sending that, plus film, to the conference supervisor of officials -- not in expectation the result of the game will be changed, but to prevent a similar incident in future.

The rule calls only for five-yard penalty and loss of down. . .