Springbrook has an 8-0 record, is ranked third in the area and is one victory away from the Montgomery County AA football crown and a berth in the Maryland state playoffs. But don't remaind Coach Bob Milloy of all that; it makes him nervous.

"This is my sixth year here. We were 7-3 four years and 9-1 one year, close to winning the title every year," said Milloy. "I would like to win the county once, just once. At the beginning of the season, I didn't think we had much chance of winning the title or getting to the states."

Springbrook can end its five years of frustration Saturday when it meets county and Maryland state runner-up Whitman.

"We can make things very simple for ourselves by beating Whitman," said Milloy. "If we lost, we'd still have a chance but then we'd have to worry about the point system and who beats who. I don't want to worry about those kinds of things.

"Our league is bunched with five Prince George's County teams and the team with the best record advances to the states," Milloy said. "Fortunately, those teams don't have good records this year. So by beating Whitman we can take care of all of that point business."

Milloy said his team will have no excuses Saturday because, "We're healthy and coming off our best overall game this year."

Springbrook's 28-16 decision over Peary last week was not nearly as close as the score might indicate. The Huskies scored their points in the fourth quarter against Springbrook's second unit.

Unlike in past years, Milloy has a group of talented players. Safety/ flanker Mike Strittmatter, a 6-foot, 180-pound junior, has eight interceptions and six TD receptions. Nose guard/fullback John Campbell; cornerback Greg Brand, linebackers Terry Gribbin and Dan Lazas; 6-foot-4, 200-pound Don Venable, Springbrook's biggest player, and quarterback John Neville have grabbed the headlines at one time or another this season.

"We've had three 9-1 seasons here in the school's 17 years," said Milloy. "I don't know how we'll finish but 8-0 feels good. I'd like to downplay the Whitman game but I can't. Everyone knows it's a big game. I sure hope we saved some of our good plays from the Peary game. We're going to need them." s

Chamberlain Coach Vernon Nelson insists he has no hard feelings toward Dunbar after it embarrassed his team, 76-6 last week.

"It's one of those things. Dunbar passed all game and we didn't cover the receivers very well," said Nelson. "We had only 20 players because I left eight starters at home for disciplinary reasons. Therefore, some of our guys never came off the field."

Nelson wasn't even disturbed by the fact that the Crimson Tide still had starters in the game in the final quarter.

Chamberlain (0-8) had been outscored this season, 201-20. The Interhigh League vocational school has been shut out four straight times -- by Phelps, Eastern, Ballou and Spingarn -- but the combined total points of the winners don't equal Dunbar's output.

"What's the sense in running up a score like that," asked one coach. "Those are high school kids on the losing team, too. I wish someone would explain the sportsmanship value in a 70-point victory."

With the score, 50-0, at halftime, the officials volunteered to shorten the third and fourth quarters. Nelson refused.

"I said let them finish," Nelson said. "Maybe one day I'll have a team capable of scoring that many points. I'm not mad but then I won't forget it, either."