There's a great deal of opinion around the NFL as to the meaning and effect of parity and the common schedule. Parity is reflected in the current standings, where every divisional race -- except for the NFC Central -- is up for grabs, with six weeks of the regular season remaining.

However, when it comes to interconference play, there's no such thing as parity. In the last two weeks, the AFC has won all but one of the 12 interconference games. Expect for the Rams' upset of the Seahawks, the AFC has been dominant over two weeks and has run the ledger up to 26-10.

The AFC East holds a 9-3 edge with only the Colts on the wrong side of the .500 mark. The Afc West has the same commanding lead, with the Chief being the only team without a win against NFC opposition. And, in the AFC Central, the record is 8-4. Three clubs -- Oakland, Miami and the Jets -- are 3-9. The Chargers are 2-0 and the Browns and Steelers are 3-1.

Only the New York Giants and Tampa Bay teams, among NFC squads, have better than .500 marks.

The early line: Washington 4 over St. Louis, Houston 1 over Oakland, Cleveland 6 over Seattle, Miami 7 over Baltimore, Tampa Bay 5 over Detroit, N.Y. Jets 6 over Buffalo, Pittsburgh 10 over Kansas City, San Diego 4 over Cincinnati, Chicago 2 over Los Angeles, New Orleans 7 over San Francisco, Green Bay 2 over Minnesota, N.Y. Giants 3 over Atlanta, Denver-New England even, Dallas 10 over Philadelphia (Monday).