Among the misconceptions in pro football are that the Redskins don't have to worry about "no-shows," points after touchdowns are almost automatic, and Craig Morton is a loser.

While it was raining heavily on Sunday at RFK Stadium, in past years that would not have deterred the most fanatic fans in the National Football League. There was 4,163 no-shows for the Cardinal game, the most in the memory of people at ticket office.

The empty seats cost the no-shows from $10 to $20.

There was another indication that some fans in the NFL are of the fair-weather variety. Despite the new enthusiasm for the New York Giants, bad weather produced 15,751 no-shows for the game in East Rutherford, N.J., against the Atlanta Falcons, who came in to the contest with a 4-6 record.

One source of revenue to RFK Stadium management -- parking -- has been seriously affected by the new Sunday Metro rail service.

Easychair quarterbacks looking at highlights of other games on Sunday saw suspense restored to the commercial break between touchdowns and conversion attempts.

The New York Jets missed two points after and lost to Buffalo, 14-12. The Los Angeles Rams missed one and the Chicago Bears were able to win, 27-23.

Seattle missed two in winning, 29-24, over Cleveland. Green Bay missed one in a 19-7 victory over Minnesota. Miami missed one in a 19-0 shutout of Baltimore.

Craig Morton has been put down so much that he may not know which way is up until he looks at the standings and see his Denver Broncos tied at 8-3 with more publicized San Diego for the lead in the Western Division of the American Conference.

The quarterback, condemned for his immobility, completed 12 to 13 passes in the first half in a four-inch snowstorm and finished with 13 for 18 for 194 yards and two touchdowns in trouncing New England, 45-10.

In three seasons at Denver, Morton has won 24 of 32 regular season starts and split in four postseason starts.

Bob Griese is another disparaged quarterback who keeps flouting his critics. Given up as dead-armed two weeks ago, he has the Miami Dolphins tied at 7-4 with New England for the lead in the AFC East.

Miami fans have been bemoaning the lack of offense and successful long passes by Griese. But against the Colts he hit on 12 to 24 passes for 141 yards and two touchdowns in producing 247 yards of offense.

Dan Pastorini demonstrated that reports of dead arm were premature with 55- and 35-yard passes for touchdowns among eight of 13 he completed for 205 yards in beating Oakland, 31-17.

Phil Simms of the Giants continued to mock the notion that a rookie quarterback cannot do the job, by winning his fifth of six starts, 24-3, against Atlanta. In what was considered a slightly subpar performance for him, Simms connected on 14 of 32 throws for 155 yards. He was sacked three times, but he wasn't intercepted, and had five passes dropped and four balls fumbled away by teammates.