That's Earl Campbell, of whom Woody Hayes, ex-coach, told the Quarterback Club here yesterday: "I'm still a hero-worshiper, and I'm thrilled by Earl Campbell."

Hayes of Ohio State, now a travelin' man delivering speeches and lectures up to six a week -- "I don't think there's any sociologist that gets around this country any more than I do" -- glowed in recollecting a visit to an Oiler practice this fall, featuring Campbell: "That man is quality all the way, on and off the field." . . .

So much for Earl's team, but what about Earle's team -- the Ohio State Buckeyes inherited by Earle Bruce after 28 years under Hayes, the 11-0 Bruce Buckeyes?

"He and his staff have done an enormously great job," Hayes allowed. "And that catch (by Chuck Hunter on Saturday for OSU's first touchdown against Michigan since Hayes' 11-0 club of 1975) was the greatest catch I ever saw."

Hayes watched it on television, and did he miss not being there still running the show? "Oh yes," he replied, mildly, quickly returning to "that catch -- the greatest . . ."

The reception was by Woody Hayes recruit Hunter; and the subject of further high praise by Hayes to the record QB Club audience of nearly 350, was defensive back Todd Bell, who ran a blocked punt in for the winning touchdown at Ann Arbor. That's Hayes recruit Bell, and one sensed he wanted you to remember that.

Old Hayes player Tom Matte, now successful in insurance in Baltimore, and old Hayes coaching buddy Tim Temerario introduced WW. "We got him," QB Club operator Bob Geoghan allowed, "for a little less than his going price, which is $2,500" . . .