Washington victories in its next two games, against Green Bay and Cincinnati, and a Chicago loss in any of its last three contests would clinch an NFC wild card playoff spot for the Redskins regardless of the outcome of the season finale against Dallas.

Two more wins would give the 8-5 Redskins 10 victories for the season. The Bears (7-6) could match that by winning their last three, but to accomplish it they would have to beat the Bucs in Tampa Sunday.

If Chicago and Washington finish at 10-6, tie-breaker rules would have to be used. Presently, the Redskins would win by virtue of having a better conference mark, 7-3 versus 5-4.

New Orleans and Los Angeles in the West have 7-6 records, but they meet in Los Angeles the last Sunday of the season, with the winner taking the division crown and the loser failing to reach 10 victories.

The Redskins still have a shot at the East Division title. They are tied with Dallas for second, behind Philadelphia and would have to win their last three contests to remain in contention while hoping the Eagles lose to the Cowboys in two weeks.

An Eagle loss then would give the Redskins a chance for the title under the tie-breaking rules. But should Philadelphia beat Dallas and lose to Houston in its season finale, the Eagles would beat out the Redskins by virtue of a better record against division opponents.