During the football season, RFK Stadium is filled to capacity on Sundays. But most days the stadium is empty and barren. I don't see why it can't be used to its full potential. The Redskins and Diplomats shouldn't be its only occupants.

Many high schools, especially in the D.C. public school system, don't have a suitable place to play. They could use the stadium. Many parents don't have a chance to see their sons play during the day. Night games (at the stadium) would increase interest in high school competition.

Inter-regional games could be played at the stadium and everyone from the metropolitan area could attend.

Colleges such as Howard, Bowie State, Catholic, Georgetown, Gallaudet and the University of the District of Columbia could use the faciltity on Saturday afternoons. A 54,000-seat stadium would improve their programs. All of these schools play on fields that are not up to par for a college football program.

The Armory is another facility that is going to waste. The Armory is harldy used and, when it is, the building is cold. A wide range of activities can be staged there. Past events held there have included high school and college basketball games, boxing and pro wrestling. These events should be held there on a more regular basis.

The D.C. schools could benefit tremendously from using the Armory. Howard, UDC, Southeastern, Strayer and Gallaudet would be helped by playing their games there. And there are enough boxing and wrestling fams to support those sports at the Armory.

RFK is one of the finest stadiums in the country. But it should be used and not be allowed to stand idle. ANTHONY POWELL Glenarden, Md.