The National Football League is alarmed over a device on the market that picks up game telecasts from satellites and relays them to cable systems all over the country.

It is a "dish" that sells now for about $40,000 and is expected to become much cheaper soon, with volume sales. The owner of a large motel complex or apartment building well could afford the cost, to attract tenants.

The device, of course, also can pirate the vaster amount of nonsports programs and has the conventional networks disturbed. They are the ones who pays the large amounts for rights to programs.

Freelancer Bill Libby of Los Angeles is gathering material for a book about George Allen and reports in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner about an interview with collaborator Allen:

"In his small office, the cord from my tape recorder ran high by his desk. He had to step high to get over it.

"He warned me, 'Don't move it. It's good for me to have to step high; it's better exercise this way.' Bending over to pick up a telephone directory from the floor, he said, 'I always keep it on the floor so I have to bend over to pick it up, because it's better for me. And it's better exercise for me to pick it up with one hand than with two.'"

Continuing, Libby wrote, "He has an enormous ego, but so does every man who has done anything other men have not done. I have thought of him as a narrow man, but when I asked Jack Kent Cooke if he thought such a man could be a good man, Cooke laughed and said, 'I would think Einstein devoted himself to one thing: Bismarck, Beethoven, Rembrandt, Michelanglo, Leonardo da Vinci, the same. What did Jesus Christ do? One thing.'

"Well, neither Jack nor I consider George the Second Coming, but we'd both like to see him back in football, because he coaches so well."

Columnist Melvin Durslag also was occupied with the ghost of Allen past:

"The worst thing that can happen to a coach, Allen once observed, 'is to have two quarterbacks fairly even. The one thing you never want to do is let fans or the press pick your quarterback.'

"Allen always felt the No. 2 quarterback should be well paid for the indignity of riding the bench. 'And if money doesn't work,' Allen added, 'You give him an airplane ticket.'"