Steve Rosenbloom, fired as president of the Los Angeles Rams last summer by his stepmother Georgia described the current organization yesterday as being "more like a communistic dictatorship."

Rosenbloom, who still owns 6 percent of the team, was a great speaker at the Touchdown Club and called the Rams "a people business" under his late father Carroll.

"We had one of the finest groups of staff people," he said. All the players were signed and there was great communication. There were no ego problems . . . there was honesty, integrity, respect for the dignity of people. I was proud to be part of it.

"The same atmosphere is not there anymore. People are afraid to speak up. It is more like a communistic dictatorship."

Linebacker Pete Wysocki of the Redskins told of being asked if he would teach his son to be a player and he said he replied, "No, I'm going to teach him to be a club owner."

Rosenbloom took up on that, saying, "You better make sure his is a majority owner (referring to his stepmother's power).

"I am a minority stockholder and I still have a title -- 'peronsa non grata.' I've been to three Rams' road games -- at the invitation of the opposing clubs.

"I got fired on Aug. 16, four months after the death of my father. Everybody ducks in the second week of the preseason games. That's when George Allen got fired, too, (by Carroll Rosenbloom) a year ago."

Steve said he now jogs at the same track as Allen, near Palos Verdes, Calif. A fan at the luncheon asked Rosenbloom about Allen's future in coaching and he replied, "I think he may be the Rams' coach again; I've heard that, but I really don't know.

Rosenbloom invited questions from the audience and the first question was, "How much does Ed (E. Gregory) Hookstratten have to do with the running of the Rams?"

Rosenbloom answered, "Perhaps I'm like the man whose wife is having an affair with another man, and is the last to know.

"I can't honestly tell you about Hookstratten. I don't think anyone in the organization knows. He's an attorney, an entertainers' agent. He once repeated George Allen; he represented the Rams when we hired Allen. He's certainly our man of conflict (of interest)."

Rosenbloom said he has received offers to join the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings and will decide in January, when the season is over, "so I wouldn't be disruptive."