Dallas (9-5) at Philadelphia (10-4) -- An Eagle win here will give Philadelphia its first sweep of the Cowboys since '64 and a lock on the division title. The Cowboy defense returned to form against the Giants but will face a stern test from Jaworski, Carmichael and Montgomery -- key figures in punishing upset of a few weeks back. An Eagle win would also give them an early edge in the home-field advantage for playoffs. Dallas by 3.

Chicago (8-6) at Green Bay (4-10). This time a year ago, it was the Bears who knocked the Packers out of the playoffs. The Packers would love to return the favor. Green Bay is struggling on offense and hurting on defense. The Bears will play tough, especially since Tampa Bay-San Francisco is a late, West Coast affair. Chicago by 4.

Cincinnati (3-11) at Washington (9-5) -- Redskins will maintain the spirit and drive that brought them back from neear-extinction against the Packers. Key figures here will be Coy Bacon and Lemar Parrish -- two former Bengals who would like nothing better than to sack the QB and return a couple of interceptions for TDs. Jack Pardee is toughening up as a coach, laying it on the Redskins during halftime against the Packers, thus leading to stunning comeback. Washington by 7.