Here's a look at the final weekend of games in the NFL's regular season:

Washington (10-5) at Dallas (10-5) -- NFC's East Division title up for grabs. Tony Dorsett and Drew Pearson will play. Dallas defense lacks depth in hard-hit area of the secondary. Losing Charley Waters early and Randy Hughes late now leaves Dallas defense in worst shape of the season. Joe Theismann will throw long and often to exploit major weakness. Cowboy fans, fired up by Redskin rivalry, will be at emotional pitch, especialy after watching Houston root the Oilers past the Steelers with tremendous emotional display. Redskins can't afford to lose by too many points because of wild-card rivalry with Chicago. Dallas by 8.

Philadelphia (10-5) at Houston (11-4) -- Both teams are guaranteed wildcard spot. However, Eagles and Oilers could just as well be division champions. Philly and Houston own distinction of being only two teams in the league to defeat both participants in last January's Super Bowl. Both teams have explosive offenses and tough defenses. A worthy Super Bowl preview. Best thing you can say about the Eagles is that Philly is competitive enough to press for postseason participation in the AFC. Houston by 4.

In other games:

Miami 6 over N.Y. Jets, Detroit 3 over Green Bay, Cincinnati 3 over Cleveland, N.Y. Giants 6 over Baltimore, Atlanta 3 over San Francisco, New England 6 over Minnesota, Pittsburgh 12 over Buffalo, Tampa Bay 3 over Kansas City, Chicago 4 over St. Louis, Los Angeles 6 over New Orleans, Oakland 8 over Seattle.