Bill Kilmer has a rooting interest in the Redskins making the playoffs, because the guaranteed contract he holds for this season provides a bonus of $10,000 if the club reaches postseason competition and $5,000 more if the Redskins achieve the conference championship round.

Johnny Lattner, onetime Pittsburgh Steeler and Nortre Dame running back, was in town recently as the representative of a telephone firm. He has eight children and wonders if they will ever hear anything about his college career except that all his records have been broken but one -- five fumbles in one game.

Unaccustomed to the hoots that made the city's spectators infamous, Eagles Coach Dick Vermeil said, "if we had won (over Dallas) I planned to give the game ball to City Hall for the fans. The cheered the team coming off the field at the end of the game, after we lost. They're super people."

When a New Orleans sportscaster asked defensive tackle Barry Bennett of the Saints where wispy haired teammate Garo Yepremain went to college, he said, "Bald State."

Which reminds us that Bob St. John's biography of Tom Landry discloses that the coach was voted "Cutest Boy" at Mission High School, in Texas.

Heisman Trophy winner John Cappelletti once was the hardest worker among the Los Angeles Rams. But he stopped visiting practices and even games after suffering a knee injury. The wonder is whether the 28-year-old will be back next season.

One more time: Thomas (Hollywood) Henderson is on the reserve list of the Cowboys, as "retired." If he wants to play next season, the Cowboys want a No. 1 draft choice for him. That is what he cost Dallas in the draft.

In Philadelphia, members of the Dallas entourage quipped, "Bring back Henderson" when his replacement, Mike Hegman, missed a tackle of Wilbert Montgomery, who ran 35 yards with a screen pass to set up a field goal; and again later when Hegman was beaten on a 17-yard scoring pass to Montgomery.

The cnadidacy of Heartley (Hunk) Anderson for the Pro Football Hall of Fame is being promoted by a book, "Notre Dame . . . Chicago Bears . . . and Hunk." He succeeded Knute Rocne as coach at South Bend. As coach of the Bears Anderson introduced "blitzing," though he called it "reddogging."