I have closely watched the play of Greg Manning ever since he came to Maryland three years ago. He has many individual "moves" that over a two-year period he has used sparingly, and he does everything with grace and ease.

He apparently has no particular asignment in the offense other than to keep the ball moving. He stands close to the outside line like he might be tied there, rarely going over to the center of the court. When Morley or Jackson can find no one else to pass the ball to, it is passed to Manning and by that time the defense has shifted over to him and he gives the ball right back.

In spite of this secondary assignment, he shot eight times from the field and got six baskets in the Georgetown game. No one from Georgetown got more than seven field goals and none with an average like this. Nevertheless he was shuffled in and out of the game like a lowly substitute.

Last year, in one of the last games of the regular season, he was seriously hurt. At that time he was the leading percentage foul shooterin the conference and the third-leading field goal shooter. However, he had not played enough minutes to have his name in the conference records.

Played sparingly, he averaged 11 1/2 points per game last year and had a 55 percent field-goal shooting averge. I would like to see the result of his taking 15 or 16 shots per game instead of an average of about 10. I would give odds that he would be, at the least, the second-leading scorer on the team. BRUCE R. DESSLER SR. Bethesda