Dallas won the division even though it had the same record (11-5) as Philadelphia because the Cowboys had a better conference record than the Eagles (10-2 to 9-3).

The Redskins 10-6 were eliminated because Chicago (also 10-6) had a superior point differential (net points) than the Redskins in all games, 57 to 53. The Bears defeated St. Louis, 42-6, yesterday.

Thus the NFC wild-card teams are Philadelphia and Chicago, who will meet in Philadelphia at 12:30 p.m. Sunday. NFC CENTRAL

Tampa Bay won the division by beating Kansas City, 3-0, to finish 10-6, with a better division record than Chicago (6-2 to 5-3). NFC WEST

Los Angeles (9-7) is the champion. AFC EAST

Miami (10-6) is the champion. AFC CENTRAL

Pittsburgh (12-4) is the champion after defeating Buffalo, 28-0, while Houston (11-5) lost to Philadelphia, 26-20. Houston is in the playoffs as a wild-card team, as is either San Diego or Denver. The wild-card game will be at 4 p.m. Sunday in Houston. AFC WEST

In San Diego (11-4) defeats Denver (10-5) tonight it wins the division. But if Denver wins, the Broncos win the title on the basis of a two-game sweep of the Chargers. Regardless, the Broncos are in the playoffs since Cleveland (9-7) and Oakland (9-7) both lost yesterday.