Team sources said yesterday that Redskin tight end Jean Fugett, who played out his option this season, would not be offered a contract.

The sources confirmed a report earlier this season by The Washington Post that both Fugett, who did not catch a pass the last 10 games, and the Redskins were anxious to sever relationships.

The Redskins also released a list yesterday of those players entering the option year of their contract. The list included Joe Theismann, Karl Lorch, Benny Malone, Mark Murphy, Neal Olkewicz, George Starke and Jeff Williams.

General Manager Bobby Beathard said that a decision on Fugett's status has not been made. That is one of the many things Jack (Pardee) and I have to talk about. We never expected to have the season end so early and we hadn't talked very much."

The Redskins have until Feb. 1 to send Fugett a qualifying letter saying they would be willing to sign him. But sources said that letter most likely will not be sent.

Fugett was beaten out for a starting spot this season by rookie Don Warren. He also hurt a knee and has played infrequently the last part of the schedule. He may require minor surgery to repair the knee.

Fugett is one of seven Redskin players who do not have options left on their contracts. The others are defensive end Coy Bacon, quarterback Kim McQuilken, defensive tackle Paul Smith, defensive back Don Harris, running back Ike Forte and kicker Mark Moseley.

Beathard said he thought the team would attempt to sign most of the seven. Moseley, the NFC Pro Bowl kicker, obviously is a main priority.

"I would hope we won't have any problems coming to terms with any of the players," Beathard said.

The redskins have 17 players entering the option years on their contracts, Beathard said the team would attempt to sign most of those athletes.

The others are guard Greg Anderson, guard Fred Dean, end Phil DuBois, linebacker Dallas Hickman, linebacker Don Hover, wide receiver John McDaniel, quarterback Greg Mortensen, guard Dan Nugent, end Grady Richardson, and linebacker Pete Wysocki.

"We've got something started here now and we want to keep it going by bringing back these players', Beathard said. "You never know what problems you might encounter. There are always a few that crop up."