Redskin President Edward Bennett Williams said yesterday that, despite what NFL officials maintain, he is convinced there was at least one second remaining at the end of the Dallas game Sunday.

"I saw a frame on TV the moment Joe Theismann called timeout and the play was dead," said Williams, referring to the final moments of that contest. "I saw one second on the clock. You can see it. It is an exercise in futility. They are never going to admit they made an error on a play like that and even if they did it's a judgement call."

Art McNally, NFL supervisor of officials, said Tuesday that he was convinced time ran out on the Redskins despite efforts by Theismann to stop the clock and allow Mark Moseley to attempt a game-winning field goal.

Redskin Coach Jack Pardee said he had talked to McNally a couple of times about the final seconds and that 'the two of us have differing opinions on what happened.

"If I said what I really believe, I'd probably be fined for it, so I just might as well let it rest. There isn't anything you can do about it now anyway. It's over."