Maryland plays Bucknell tonight at 8 at Cole Field House and the opposition, for a change, will not be a pushover.

Bucknell (2-1) can play. It has beaten a good La Salle team, routed Carnegie-Mellon and has been beaten by Pittsburgh.

If the Bison play the way they did against La Salle, this could be the best game played at Cole so far this season.The Terps (5-1) have played four pushovers at Cole -- Maryland-Eastern Shore, Brown, Catholic and Georgia Tech -- in front of small, quiet crowds.

Tonight, if Bob Barry of Towson (25 points a game) and three Washington-area reserves -- Paul Adkins (Landon), Paul Harrison (Blair) and Howard Manly (St. Albans) -- are shooting well, the Bison could provide a good game for the Terps.

Maryland is led by Albert King, averaging 23.2 points and 6.8 rebounds. The Terps are almost a sure bet to take a 9-1 record into the ACC race that begins in earnest in January. Center Buck Williams is expected back for the Maryland Invitational Tournament Friday.

While Maryland continues to hide in Cold Field House, two other area teams play tough road games tonight.

Richmond (4-3) will host George Washington (3-2). The Spider's second-year coach, Lou Goetz, has his three freshmen, a sophomore and a junior starters headed in the right direction. The Spiders should be much tougher than a year ago when the Colonials routed them, 99-77. Brian Magid (16 points a game) and Mike Zagardo (13) lead the Colonials, who have a 12-day layoff after tonight.

Catholic (2-6) gets 16 days off after [TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCE] dinals can use the rest. They are 2-0 at home and 0-6 on the road and the pattern probably will not change tonight. Stetson is coming off a win in the Tangerine Bowl Tournament and is a solid club. The Cardinals still lack the depth and speed to keep up with good opponents.

Georgetown (6-1) is home tonight with the easiest opponent of all, Northeastern (4-2). This game should be little more than a Hoya warmup for next week's Holiday Festival in New York. Georgetown has had light workouts the last couple of days while finishing exams and recuperating from three games in four days.