And you thought the Redskins' hottest rivalry was with Dallas. The New York Giants, despite a 6-10 record again, are saying, "We beat the 'hated' Redskins; up here that's all that matters. They have never beaten us in our new stadium."

After losing their last three games, the final one to Baltimore, 31-7, rookie head Coach Ray Perkins of the Giants was apprehensive about appearing before the fat cat members of the Kickoff Club in New York City, recalling that in 1978 fans burned their tickets and chartered a plane to trail a sign registering their disgust.

But Perkins was given a standing ovation for several minutes.

Which is the more healthful climate, in Florida or California? The Sunshine State has two division winners in the National Football League playoffs, Miami and Tampa Bay, and Florida State University was unbeaten. p

California has four pro football teams and its colleges have produced the most pros. The state has two division winners in the NFL, Los Angeles and San Diego, New York is represented by three teams, Buffalo, the Jets, and the Giants, although the Giants play in East Rutherford, N.J.; none of the three made the playoffs.

Texas has its two teams in the post-season competition, Dallas and Houston. Technically, Maryland has two teams, because the Redskins are incorporated in that state as well as the Baltimore Colts.

Despite John McKay's bickering with the Tampa area media the previous week, the Buccaneers uncorked champagne in the press box before the victory over Kansas City was official on Sunday.

The feud between Don Klosterman and Steve Rosenbloom will continue on an official, executive level, with Rosenbloom joining the New Orleans Saints with a similar title -- vice president -- in the same division, the NFC West.

"I welcome the competition," says Klosterman of the Rams, whose owner, Georgia Rosenbloom, fired stepson Steve. "The Saints have a very fine young team, the most improved in the NFC."

Miami had a "first" in its last game, the invocation given by a nun, Sister Trinita Flood, president of Barry College.

Colt owner Bob Irsay was asked at the funeral of George Halas the other day if the club was going to make a coaching change and the executive of another club reported Irsay answering, "With the holidays coming up I wouldn't want to hurt somebody's fellings."

Interim coach Larry Wilson of the St. Louis Cardinals reportedly does not want to keep the job. Once more, Darryl Rogers of Michigan State is being considered.

All in the family: Guard John Hannah of New England says of being out of the NFL playoffs, "I've got one brother (Charles) in the playoffs with Tampa Bay and another (David) with Alabama, seeking the national title."

There will be four black quarterbacks getting playoff checks -- Doug Williams with Tampa Bay, James Harris with San Diego, John Walton with Philadelphia, and Vince Evans with Chicago. Evans is sidelined with a blood disorder.

Guard Larry Little, 13 -season veteran, says he will play with the Miami Dolphins next year "if Coach (Don) Shula wants me."

The Georgia (Dis) Connection: Coach Pepper Rodgers of Georgia Tech was the White House guest of James Earl Carter of Plains on Monday night at the state dinner for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of England. On Tuesday, Rodgers was fired.