One cannot listen to the various radio talk shows of late without hearing the repeated bleating by fans and moderators alike that the beloved Redskins were "jobbed" by the officials and/or that the Cardinals "went into the tank" to thwart our beloved heroes' playoff bid.

All this was done, we are led to believe, by a great conspiracy throughout the NFL and the U.S.A. against the Redskins. "Why"? they ask.

In response, I submit the following as some of the reasons why the Cowboys, the Cardinals, the Giants and various other NFL clubs consider the Washington team an arch-enemy:

The "Allen Years" -- George was, and still is, the kind of guy many persons love to hate.

Are there any greater "hot dogs" in the league than Joe Theismann or Coy Bacon?

The Redskins' organization has a strong reputation for "alibi-itis," invented for the most part by Allen and fostered by the current regime -- e.g., Parde's lament that "we are the best team in the NFC." (Washington Post, Paul Attner, December 18, 1979).

Pardee argues for strength of schedule as opposed to point differential as a tie breaker -- and I agree with this -- but what teams among the Redskins' nine victims (St. Louis succumbing twice) had winning records? Only three -- the Cowboys, the Eagles and the Browns -- and two of them returned the favor. In fact, the Redskins' opponents had a combined record of only 59-85 for an unimpressive winning percentage of 41.

The team has accompished much this season, more than I and many others had hoped for or dreamed of, but let's keep the achievements in proper perspective while looking ahead to an even better performance in 1980. BOB BEACH Mt. Rainier, Md.