The races of snow-covered Bowie were called off yesterday after the second race when the jockeys refused to ride.

Jockey Bill Passmore said, "It was all right for the horses with speed, but the horses behind were being hit with clods of mud, which made for a treacherous situtation."

Bowie General Manager Al Karwacki, said, "I have to accept some of the responsibility here, although our weather service in New Jersey, one of the best in the business, assured us that the snow would abate by 1 p.m."

Earlier, there was confusion caused by the switching of the No. 11 horse in the first race, Bob Turk, with E. Z. Tool, the No. 12 horse. The switch was necessary, the stewards said, because E. Z. Tool was actually breaking from the No. 11 slot, though carried as the No. 12 horse on the track program.

E. Z. Tool won the race at a $13.80 payoff and Bob Turk finished third.

State Steward J. Fred Colwill said, "It was our mistake. We should have left the numbers as they appeared on the program."

William Livingston, a Washington cab driver, said, "I came into the track a few minutes before post time and bet on the No. 12 horse, E. Z. Tool. When the race was over, it was E. Z. Tool the winner but he was No. 11, despite my program, which said he was No. 12. In all the years I've been a racing fan. I've never seen anything like this. A bet on one horse is really a bet on another."

It was snowing hard when E. Z. Tool took the first race and Rollickin Rabit won the second. They are both early speed horses.

But the rumous that the jockeys were unhappy with the weather conditions were confirmed when the horses did not come out on the track for the third-race post parade.

The crowd at 4,413, which had bet $120,615 through the first two races, was advised by announcer Dick Woolley that the stubs from their programs would entitle the holder to a future free grandstand admission.

The Palmer Haegerty Stakes, yesterday's scheduled feature, will be run next Saturday in addition to the regularly slated feature.