At this time a year ago Thomas (Hollywood) Henderson was on the cover of a news magazine. He was about to dominate the Super Bowl coverage. He taunted Terry Bradshaw about his spelling.

Now, the soft drink commercial he did with Pat Haden, the one in which they argued about whether the Dallas Cowboys or the Los Angeles Rams would be in the Super Bowl, is obsolete.

"Haden got hurt," Henderson said, "and I got fired. The Cowboys needed me; that's why the Rams are in the Super Bowl. If the Cowboys had not fired me, they would have made the Super Bowl and got beaten by Pittsburgh. Tom Landry would never admit it."

The 26-year-old former linebacker said his agent has talked to several clubs about his playing in 1980. "I did want to play for the 49ers," he said. c"They need all the help they can get. They didn't respond. They're going to be 2-14 again next year."

It was noted that O. J. Simpson left a $733,000 salary when he retired. "Oh, God!" Henderson ejeculated, "they could have had 'Hollywood' for half that price and I would have doubled O. J.'s playing time."

Asked if he felt a bit down at the anniversary of his big splash, Henderson said, "Why should I? I'm going to Los Angeles to do an interview with Joan Kennedy. I'm going to do a cameo role on the Buck Rogers television program. I ain't broke. I played for five years. I've got a Mercedes-Benz, gold stocks and certificates of deposit."