It was like old times for Brian Magid last night. Jumpers from 15 feet. One-handers from 20. Bombs from 25.

"I haven't hit that many in a row since high school," the senior guard said after making 11 of 13 shots to lead George Washington to a 97-79 romp over Stetson University before 2,200 fans at Smith Center. Magid missed his first shot, than sank his next nine en route to scoring a gamehigh 24 points. He also made his only two free throws, giving him 32 in a row, ninw short of Coach Bob Tallent's school record.

"I'd never experienced anything like that in my life," Magid said of a recent shooting slump. "I know I'm not a seven-for-31 shooter (his statistics in the last four games), but I was totally perplexed. My confidence was at a low ebb, and I was starting to think about whether coach thought I was taking good shots. That made me hesitant to shoot, and that's just not me."

"We had a long talk after the Rutgers game (Saturday)," Tallent said. "He thought he couldn't shoot, and I told him it was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard. I actually started laughing. Imagine him, of all the people on the team, thinking he can't shoot. I told him to stay loose and just start firing."

Magid did -- after missing a layup seven seconds into the game. He hit a 20-footer, a 22-footer, four 25-footers, two gimme 15-footers and finished the show with a swisher from the right corner.

By that time, the Colonials were well on the way to their sixth victory in 10 games. Stetson fell to 8-6.

The Colonials, led, 11-8, then scored eight straight points. With the cushion 37-23, Magid sank three shots, GW scored 13 straight points and all but clinched the victory.

It wasn't that the Hatters, who have played nationally ranked Ohio State and Eastern powers Duquesne and La-Salle, were playing poorly: They made 15 of their 30 shots.

But with Magid rearmed, the Colonials made 25 of 37 shots, out-rebounded Stetson, 18-10, and committed eight turnovers to the Hatters' 14.

Once the Colonials starters had built a 68-36 lead, they gradually retired to the bench to see if the substitutes could do as well. They didn't, which limited Tallent's smile to only three-quarters of his face.

"We're going to get better and better as the season goes along," Tallent said, "and I think this will carry over. I sure hope so."

With good reason. The Colonials' next two games are at home against Eastern Eight rivals St. Bonaventure Wednesday night and Massachusetts Saturday night.

"We can't afford to lose either one," Tallent said.Not with a 0-3 league record, and sophomore Dave Thornton, the most highly recruited player in his class, having been declared academically ineligible for this semester. The 6-6, 200-pounder failed to take his mathematics final exam and received no credit for the course.