The New England Patriots will be the first team to play the Rams at Anaheim, in an exhibition. Carroll Rosenbloom, the late owner of the Rams, promised the honor to Bill Sullivan, owner of the Pats. New England is scheduled to play the Raiders in another exhibition the next week. The question now is where, in Los Angeles or Oakland?

Mike McCormack, new coach of the Colts, already is tuned into his leader, Bert Jones. McCormack is a close friend of the quarterback's father, Dub, a teammate of his in Cleveland.

"Los Angeles" magazine in an article, "Steve Rosenbloom Fights Back," refers to his stepmother, Georgia Rosenbloom, as "C.R.'s lively and iron-handed 52-year-old widow." C.R. was Steve's father Carroll.

There is a bittersweet aftermath to Georgia's firing of Steve. His six percent share of the Rams' stock will appreciate in value with the move to Anaheim, before he has to sell it.

He eventually must dipose of his stock to avoid a conflict of interest, because he now is vice president and general manager of the New Orleans Saints, in the same division.

A former associate of Jack Kent Cooke, the Redskin owner who recently disposed of his sports empire here, alludes to him as "Napolean on wheels." Cooke once made a bid for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, and the prospect of Cooke operating in opposition to the powerful Los Angeles Times was not dismissed lightly by the Chandler family, who own the Times.

"He loves war games," and admirer says of Cooke.

Coach Chuch Noll said, "I'm quoting Cole Porter," when asked about leaving better weather in Pittsburgh for the cooler, wetter atmosphere here. "Hate California, it's cold and it's damp; that's why the lady is a tramp" . . .

Did he anticipate the Rams perhaps using seven defensive backs against his Steelers, as they did against Dallas? "They may use seven, six or four, but they won't use three," he predicted.

John McKay said of a reserve player who did not figure largely in the Buccaneer success this year, "It was a pleasure to watch him in practice; he always goes as hard as he can." So the coach wrote a $1,000 check and gave it to the player at Christmas.

Quarterback Mike Kruczek of the Steelers, a graduate of St. John's High in Washington, says that when the players receive special checks from management, owner Art Rooney write personal note of appreciation on the checks.

The NFL's security staff arranges for dogs trained to smell for explosives to "sweep" the stadiums before Super Bowls. The precaution was instituted after an incident five years ago in Miami, when an international political group blew off the door of a police station there near Super Bowl time.

Vince Ferrangmo of the Rams is in medical school and he was asked the other days if a player's I.Q. is a factor in football. "Well, he said, there is cliche which says, 'you can't be too smart if you play football.' But, seriously, you can make football terribly complicated or simple. You need some 'smarts' and some common sense."