George Allen last night ridiculed a report that he has purchased a home in St. Louis and is about to become the next head coach of the Cardinals.

"They (other calls he received yesterday) tell me I bought a home in St. Louis," Allen said on the telephone from his Palos Verdes, Calif., home facing the Pacific Ocean.

"Does it (the alleged St. Louis home) have an ocean view? I've got to have a view; I asked the real estate broker to get me a view of water."

Asked if a view of the Mississippi would suffice, the former Redskin coach said, "If I go to St. Louis it will be to coach the Blues hockey team."

Allen said of the football report, "It's completely incorrect. It's all speculation. There's nothing to it. This is the same type rumor that had me already signed with the Baltimore Colts last year. Ted Marchibroda was still the coach there. He is my firend; it was embarrassing."

Despite other reports that he had been considered by the Los Angeles Rams and Cardinals before the Colts settled on Mike McCormack and the Rams bolstered Ray Malavasi's job security by winning the NFC title, Allen said he had not talked to the Cardinals about coaching or general managing and doesn't expect to talk to them.

Larry Wilson has been the interim coach since Bud Wilson was fired.

"The last time I was in St. Louis was in July," Allen said, "with the president of a soft drink firm.

"We (he and his wife, Etty) don't buy homes, we build them," he said, alluding to the one he occupied in Northern Virginia when he coached the Redskins and the one in Palos Verdes, where Joe Sullivan, director of operations for the Cardinals, also owns property.