National Football League scouts drooled when they read that running back Curtis Dickey of Texas A&M had matched Houston McTear's time of 6:18 seconds for the 55-meter sprint in the Madison Square Garden Olympic Invitational track meet.

An implicit tribute to the Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams and even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tom Landry says, "Nobody is going to pick us No. 1 team in the National Conference next season. That's going to have to be earned over the whole season."

a snide criticism of the Rams' problem in the Super Bowl, at Pasadena: They're a bad road team.

Asked "What's new?" the day after the game, Dan Rooney of the Steelers said. "The challenge of the '80s. We were the team of the '70s. We've got to keep going."

He's greedy?

"That's right."

A scare in retrospect: The Steelers chartered two planes to fly from Long Beach, Calif., to Pittsburgh; one for the team and one for front office personnel and the media.

The team got off all right but the other plane blew a tire and had to wait four hours for a replacement.

John McKay of the Buccaneers conducted instructional football clinics full of x's and o's during the season for Tampa-area reporters and reminded them that he usually is paid $1,000 for such sessions.

Paul Brown will have to earn $10,000 in royalties from his book criticizing Art Modell to offset the fine imposed by Commissioner Pete Rozelle.

Asked if he is worried about having 12 players 30 or older, Steeler Coach Chuck Noll said, "No." Then he added, "George Allen wouldn't think that was any problem at all." Asked why the Steelers rarely make trades, he said, "We have made some, but we bombed out." And who makes the final decision in the draft? "I do."