The show has been a smash hit in Northwest Washington and now it will go on the road.

The Georgetown women's basketball team won its 13th game of the season without loss last night 80-59, over visiting Catholic. These surprising Hoyas are taking some of the spotlight from Gerogetown's men's team, long the sports pride of the campus. The proof of the young squad's ability will come soon as the Hoyas play 12 of their next 13 games on the road.

Hoya Coach Francis Carr said the scheduling is "something that will never happen again. Never. I'm glad we took this one over Catholic going into all these away games,"

Georgetown needed no incentive from Carr last night as they sought to aveng last year's 11-point loss to the Cardinals. "I didn't say anything to them in the locker room. They were ready."

The Hoyas fell behind, 20-13, in the first half before coming back with a 17-2 burst. With a 41-37 halftime edge, Georgetown blew the Cardinals off the floor in the second half, led by the shooting of Abbie Dillon and the passing of K. C. Comerford and Erin Reid. Dillon led the Hoyas with 23 points on 11-of-16 shooting. Freshman Comerford scored 13 and handed out six assists.

The difference in this year's Hoyas, who were 15-9 last year, is conditioning, said Mary Briese, assistant coach and a former Maryland player. "We're in just great shape.Our practices are more intense and we're working harder on everything."

Briese is especially working harder. She acts as Carr's mouthpiece on the bench. She is at least as intense on the bench as she was running up and down the floor at Cole Field House. "She better be more intense here," said Carr with a smile.

There's a lot of camaraderie on the team. They come out of the locker-room screaming and clapping and, over the past 13 games, they've gone back into the locker-room happy.

There also is a lot of hard work, Carr said, describing the preparation for last night's game. "That's what we've done all year. The whole answer is conditioning."

Carr and Briese are also recruiting more aggressively than before in the team's first year in Division I play.

The prize of this year's recruiting drive was Comerford, a 5-foot-7 guard from Brooklyn, who is averaging 20.8 points per game. Comerford, sleek and quick, has a complete floor game.

She was highly recruited by such schools as UCLA, Old Dominion and Maryland.

Besides having two sisters at Georgetown, one being teammate Marie, Comerford has other reasons for coming here. "The program isn't so high pressure, so I have time to do other things. Georgetown is a good academic school. If I went somewhere like Old Dominion, I'd have no time for anything . . . it would be just basketball."

Comerford has a strong supporting cast. Dillon, the first women's basketball player to get a full scholarship at Georgetown, led the team in scoring in her first two years. She's averaging 18.3 per game now with a soft outside shot and quick moves underneath.

Senior Maria DeVita and Dillon lead the Hoyas in rebounding, though freshman Kit Hepp pulled down 16 rebounds last night.