Sudden-death overtime will come to the National Hockey League's regular-season games if 15 of the 21 general managers have their way when the board of governors considers their recommendation in March.

The GMs voted on the idea at a Key Biscayne, Fla., meeting and only Boston, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Quebec and Colorado voted nay, Toronto abstained.

The NBA saw the ABA light and adopted the three-point shot (like it or not). The NHL ought to d likewise with what worked well in the World Hockey Association, suggests Jack Kelley of the Hartford Whalers.

"It was great," says that GM. "The games were intense. Teams couldn't play for a tie; they had to open up and shoot the works."

Even the NHL saw it that way until dropping the extra period in 1942 wartime.

One in every six NHL games (86 of 513) this season, at this writing, ended deadlocked. Was everybody happy?

George Mikan will be on hand at the Touchdown Club's noon Friday all-star basketball lunch, to make the debut of Bob Sigholtz as club prexy even biggeer. At 6-10, 250, Mikan led the Minneapolis Lakers past Washington, 4 games to 2, in the 1949 NBA finals despite the Capitol efforts of Friday's guest speaker Bones McKinney, Plates reservable by phone at $8.50 . . .

kermit Washington of the NBA All-Stars will be in town early, too, for a special ceremony during which his American University uniform will be retired at halftime of the American Hofstra game at Fort Myer. Last time Trail Blazer KW appeared at the fort he scored 40 points, grabbed 26 rebounds to nail down his All-America 20-20 season in a 90-68 rout of Georgetown . . . More good news for Eagle eyers, current center Piper Harvey is back at practice after that nasty spill laid him low last week and figures to face Hofstra, coached by AU Coach Gary Williams' old Maryland buddy, Joe Harrington . . .